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LITTLAND merges the digital and physical realms into a singular universe. With core values focused on healthy digital habits, privacy, and value-building, we strive to redefine what’s possible.

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LITTLAND is dedicated to breaking the barriers between the digital and physical world. We aim to create a seamless experience that expands possibilities. By innovating a realm where individuals, brands, and digital platforms meet, LITTLAND offers more than a novel experience — it delivers substantial, meaningful value to all participants.


We steadfastly uphold our core values, guiding us as we navigate the evolving digital landscape. These include promoting healthy digital habits, maintaining unwavering respect for user privacy and data integrity, and consistently focusing on value creation. These values shape our every decision, from broad strategic planning to everyday operations.


We envision a future where the digital universe continually expands, offering even more opportunities for our users. Digital space owners can shape their properties with LITTLAND tools, creating customized environments. They can lease their space to others, setting the stage for an array of augmented or virtual experiences that could last from seconds to months. We strive towards a future where every interaction within LITTLAND transcends the ordinary and contributes to a thriving digital economy.

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feb. 2019LITT founded
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LITT was founded with the aim of disrupting the conventional boundaries between social media, brand advertising, and digital realities, propelling users into an immersive, lucrative digital experience.
mar. 2020LITT app released
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The LITT social network app launched, a major milestone showcasing our vision for a connected digital-physical reality that provides users with meaningful rewards.
jan. 2021 LITT AR Map Launch
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The AR Map is a groundbreaking feature that intertwines virtual spaces with real-world geolocations. This spatial computing innovation is the foundation of LITTLAND.
JUL. 2022 LITT AR Map Launch
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An impressive community of 50,000 LITT app social network users and partnerships with 1,300 brands, a testament to LITT’s growing popularity.
Jan 2023LITTLAND Whitelist
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The release of the LITTLAND whitelist was limited to 1,000 players, establishing the initial group of virtual property owners.
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LITTLAND opened to the public with the opening weekend generating $200,000 in sales with limited marketing.
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LITTLAND releases next stage of premium landmarks generating another spike in sales with total sales to date $500,000.
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LITTLAND is acquiring a virtual game from a prominent source within the virtual landscape to launch as the LITTLAND game.
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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, your LITTLAND is a 99-year lease. There is ownership. However, if you have claimed a piece of LITTLAND that somebody else wants, between you and that person you can negotiate terms outside of LITTLAND. LITTLAND will allow you to transfer your lease to that person once you are happy to do so. When a transfer of the lease occurs, your 99-year lease will be broken and new 99-year lease will commence with the new lease owner.

No. There is no break lease fees if you wish to transfer your lease to someone else. We encourage curiosity and flexibility for our LITTLAND users.

LITTLAND is taking the confusion out of the metaverse. Many people associate the metaverse with Cryptocurrencies and NFT’s. In LITTLAND there are no Cryptocurrencies or NFT’s as everything is earned and transacted using the LITT digital wallet and digital debit card.

So yes, LITTLAND is a metaverse. However, the world has been confused by this new term and LITTLAND is here to make it easy for the everyday person to enter the metaverse.

Inside your profile you will find a button that says, “Invite Advertiser”. You can copy this link and send it directly to the advertiser to sign up. When they sign up from your unique link, they will be your referred advertiser. This means if they advertise on your LITTLAND you will keep 80% of what they spend. LITTLAND pays out monthly.

We pay our LITTLAND community a 20% referral commission for any referred sale of a LITTLAND lease.

LITTLAND is building tools for our users to create more immersive experiences both virtual and augmented. We are building tools for our users to build virtual environments on their LITTLAND such as houses, buildings, stadiums or any form of virtual playground that your mind can envision.

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